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Apple is finally opening up website payments for Spotify, Netflix and what have been described as “player” apps. The company’s decision to open up to third-party payments is the result of an agreement with the Japan Fair Trade Commission.

Apple opens website payments option on specific apps

As reported on Variety, Spotify, Netflix and other services are now allowed to add a direct link to their apps on the iOS space that directs users to their websites “for payment and account management”.

Apple released an announcement and said the company is allowing its “reader” app developers to connect directly to their website. According to the Cupertino giant’s definition of “reader applications”, these are applications that help deliver purchased content or subscriptions for newspapers, digital magazines, books, music, audio formats and video.

Apple launched its App Store Review 3.1.3(a) guideline, which allows developers of reading apps to request access.

Cupertino Giant shares following settlement with Japan Fair Trade Commission

According to the Engadget story, Apple originally announced in 2021 that it would give select media services the option to have in-app links as part of a settlement agreement with the Japan Fair Trade Commission. .

The stipulation was accepted by Apple and, in turn, the company will apply a brand new policy to all reading apps on its App Store globally after the outcome of JFTC’s investigation.

Developers need to request external link account right program

That being said, in order to add the links, developers must request access to the External Link Account Entitlement program before the links can be allowed. Apple will continue to collect commissions for all in-app purchases if a service is offered.

However, this will allow developers to avoid paying Apple the requested 15-30% discount for products or services sold in the app.

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Google’s pilot program still asks for a commission on sales made

Besides Apple, Google has also started testing the launch of a pilot program for Android when it comes to testing third-party billing systems.

With the pilot program, users will be able to pay for products or services through the developer’s payment system or Google’s standard payment system. One of the progressions of the program is that Spotify offers its users options to subscribe, namely to pay through Google billing system or Spotify billing system.

Google is said to still receive a discount despite users opting to pay through the app’s or service’s billing system. The commission Google is expected to receive is expected to be less than the usual 15% commission from the tech giant.

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Apple will now allow apps like Netflix to add their website links in payment apps and more

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