Bypass geo-blocked online content by connecting to a free VPN


Some online media content is blocked in certain regions, this strategy is called geo-blocking. It happens for these major reasons: First, because of the licensing laws that websites or apps must follow. Second, because of the prerogative of the owner of the content. In this case, the owner has the right to block particular locations so that people there cannot see the media content.

Fortunately, there is a quick fix for this problem. A virtual private network (VPN) will help Internet users who are in a country with strict online censorship to circumvent these restrictions. In addition, with a VPN, the cybersecurity of an Internet user is ensured while bypassing geo-blocked web content.

A VPN will spoof its location depending on the server chosen by the Internet user in the VPN application. Depending on the VPN application, the locations of the servers may differ. Some VPN apps only have three to five servers, while some VPN services have ten or more.

Thus, if one is currently in a country where there is strict online censorship, that Internet user should choose a server location where the rules for online censorship are more lenient.

VPN technology is designed to conceal an Internet user’s IP address and replace it with an organized address. The new IP address will also depend on the location of the server chosen by the user. This is made possible because the VPN establishes a secure connection between the user’s device and the internet. Thus, the user’s data traffic will go directly to an encrypted tunnel made by the VPN service.

With this, no type of third party on the web would be able to record any online activity performed by the user.

In this case, the website’s cookies would not track that the user is currently in an area where online censorship is severe.

Choose a free VPN app

While VPN can help many internet users, it can be quite expensive, especially premium VPNs which offer additional features.

Fortunately, there is a free VPN app that offers amazing features – GoingVPN.

GoingVPN has unlimited data bandwidth so that a user can maximize VPN usage, without worrying about expiration. Besides, this free VPN app has built-in maximum speed technology to avoid delays and buffers.

Moreover, GoingVPN guarantees the online security and privacy of online users as it offers strict encryption.

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So, no one needs to buy an expensive VPN app because GoingVPN offers features that premium VPNs have.


In a technology-dependent society people live in today, it is important to know how to adapt to change. However, some of these changes require people to shell out money. But also, thanks to technology, people can innovate things that will help others when it comes to money.

Much like GoingVPN. The sky is the limit for Internet users because surfing the Web is now more convenient and unlimited, without forgetting that everything is free.

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