Wednesday, August 10 2022

The CBS-owned station in New York, WCBS, changed its website on February 23, 2022 to a look that mimics its parent network’s news site, moves it under the main domain, and appears to remove most of the references to “CBS 2”.

Users entering the publicly advertised domain found themselves on a page with a black background and similar layout and typography to the network-level CBS News division site that was first introduced in 2018.

Instead of the full-width background video player from CBS News Streaming Network’s national feed, however, the WCBS page features a NYC photo with the player below, on the desktop, in a fixed layout.

Looking closer, users will also notice that the station’s home page now has a URL with a directory path containing, specifically

Beginning in 2010, entering publicly advertised domains for CBS-owned stations, including, redirected users to a subdomain under the domain (e.g., Each station had its own separate subdomain which in turn hosted separate websites for each which all followed the same general look and feel.

The domain was also used to host the radio station sites the network owned at the time, but has since been sold to Entercom.

Another change introduced on February 23 is that the site’s banners now feature a “CBS News New York” logotype set in the TT Norms font used by the network and news division.

There is no “2” logo in the main header. Even the browser favicon is now the eye of CBS instead of an iteration of the station’s logo, albeit the open graphic image, which is what most social media and other sites use in previews and link posts, still features the WCBS 2 and WLNY 10/55 logos.


“As we continue to unify CBS News and Stations, we’re bringing clarity to our customers in the spaces they engage with us. Aligning our local New York website with our streaming channel CBS News New York is part of this unification. You will see us doing the same with our other local websites in the near future,” a CBS spokesperson said in an email to NewscastStudio.

CBS has standardized its website and social media naming conventions under the format “CBS (name of city or region)” for about a decade and recently renamed its local CBSN broadcast networks to “CBS News (name of city or region)”. of the city or region)” as opposed to the old Names “CBSN (name of the city or region)”.

The original CBSN, which is a national broadcast feed, was renamed simply CBS News in most uses, although it was also known as CBS News Streaming Network to differentiate it from the news division itself. . In short, the CBSN brand is no longer actively used.

It’s not immediately clear if CBS-owned stations are migrating to the “CBS News (name of city or region)” model as a global brand, possibly including on local newscasts, but it’s not immediately clear. seems to be the new favorite title for station sites at least.

The CBS representative did not respond to questions about the future of its on-air branding stations.

Most CBS-owned stations mark on-air as “CBS (Channel Number)” and “CBS (Channel Number) News”, for their newscasts, although there are exceptions such as WBZ in Boston , KDKA in Pittsburgh, WCCO in the Twin Cities, and WJZ in Baltimore, all of which tend to use their call letters instead due to local familiarity with them.

WWJ in Detroit is also moving forward with plans to launch a full-fledged local news department later in 2022.

A quick test shows that (as opposed to the current is controlled by the network and redirects to the same redesigned page if the station group decides to start including “News” in their site URLs website.

In other markets, some domains are not yet configured this way and do not appear to be controlled by CBS, such as which redirects to a parked page full of ads.

WCBS social media account IDs have not been changed to the new format. At least some of the social media handles, such as @CBSNewsNewYork, are saved but don’t appear to be related to CBS.


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