Court orders UK ISP TalkTalk to block more hacking websites


Budget broadband ISP TalkTalk this week updated its list of blocked websites (i.e. those that the UK High Court has asked it to do) to include a number of new ones. sites which, following an injunction obtained by the Motion Picture Association (MPA), have been found to facilitate copyright infringement on the Internet.

Block orders like this, which rely on Article 97A of Copyright, Designs and Patents Law (CDPA), are expensive to bring but have become quite common in recent years. Hundreds of websites have been blocked using this approach (thousands if you include their many proxies and mirrors), typically including file sharing (P2P / Torrent), video streaming sites, Sci-Hub, and those that do. sell counterfeit products, etc.

Despite the costs and ease with which such blocks can be circumvented by consumers, rights holders often see this as a price to pay as part of their broader efforts to deter casual piracy. Some studies (for example) have also suggested that blocking pirate websites tends to increase traffic to legal alternatives, but this can be countered by rising prices and increasing fragmentation of the content of those alternatives.

Either way, this week TalkTalk implemented a bunch of new website blocks. Most of the blocks are just powers of attorney for existing court orders (quite routine), but the additions to the MPA include a few new websites as well. Credits to TorrentFreak for spotting.

Date of court order Obtained by Blocked websites
10/14/2021 The publishers association ebookee.unblockit. **, freebookspot.unblockit. **, libgen.unblockit. **
10/13/2021 Members of the MPA (Motion Picture Association of America Inc) eztv.unblockit. **, project123movies. ***, pw.unblockit. **, solarmovie.unblockit. **, icefilms.unblockit. **, scnsrc.unblockit. **, gowatchseries. *****, fmovies .proxybit. **, yesmovies. ***, yesmovies. **, 4.bflix. **,
vidembed. **, watch the movie. **
10/13/2021 Elsevier Ltd and Springer Nature Ltd scihub.unblockit. **

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