Friday, May 27 2022

ECHO Incorporated announced the launch of its new website at

The new site provides information on hundreds of ECHO products covering all categories of outdoor power equipment, to better help visitors understand the company’s products and innovation. It features a modern and clean design, improved navigation and functionality, live customer service chat, among many other benefits.

ECHO’s Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, Wayne Thomsen, said, “Not only is innovation important to all of our products, but also our public face. We are excited to launch this new website because the user experience is superior, allowing visitors to find what they need when they need it.

The new site offers visitors:

• Easy Navigation: Easy for end users to navigate and find the information they want, such as product information and store locator.

• Live Support: During business hours, visitors will be able to chat with a live customer service representative.

• Mobile optimization: The new website is fully functional for mobile devices.

ECHO’s new website will be updated regularly with new products, media reports, dealer promotions, company milestones, industry news and more. Visitors are encouraged to explore the new website at


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