Friday, May 27 2022

Focal Pointe Outdoor Solutions has officially formed a Board of Directors,

The Board of Directors will strive to improve the effectiveness of Focal Pointe’s leadership and provide advice and guidance. In addition, it will make Focal Pointe’s mission and services better known to the entire industry.

Entrepreneur and green industry leader Kevin Kehoe will join the board.

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“Kevin joins our Board of Directors at a transformative time in our history as we create a vision for the future, with clear goals and a plan to achieve them,” said John Munie, President of Focal Pointe. “I hired Kevin in 2010 as a consultant, and his impact on me and our team was immediate and lasting. His level of reflection, organization and courage is undeniable. It will make the difference as we grow in the region.

“I appreciate John’s collaborative approach and am excited to take this next step with him and his team,” Kehoe said. “Since I’ve known John, he’s run his business in a way that emphasizes the human experience. He is competitive, but also wants to make a difference in people’s lives beyond the transactional. It’s something I can relate to, and it’s a culture I want to help the Focal Pointe team build across the Midwest.

Kevin Kehoe co-founded Aspire Software Company in 2013. Prior to Aspire, he was a nationally recognized consultant for over 35 years, including 26 years in the landscape industry with Three Point Group. During this period, he was widely known for his sales system and benchmarking expertise. His new book, “One Hit Wonder: The Real-Life Adventures of an Average Guy and the Lessons He Learned Along the Way,” was released this year.

“We salute Kevin’s energy and enthusiasm at Focal Pointe,” Munie said. “He’s an interesting guy in every way with an impressive history of accomplishments – from chef to bartender, mountain climber, college football player, motorcycle racer and marathon runner. We look forward to follow him.”


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