Wednesday, August 10 2022

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Ready to learn? Spotify In Focus is a huge new website offering Spotify artist support and advice to help you further your career as a musician.

Have you explored Spotify in a nutshell Again? In Focus is a new website full of advice on building a career in music, aimed at guiding artists through the music industry.

Spotify for Artists calls it an “artist manager in your pocket”. What exactly do managers do for artists? They guide and advise their careers. And Spotify hopes there’s enough good stuff on the In Focus website to put you on the right path to a successful career as an artist, even if you don’t have a manager yourself.

What is Spotify in Focus?

The platform is an interactive guide covering topics ranging from songwriting to touring and merchandise, artist wellness and fan engagement. There are articles, interviews, videos and podcasts.

How do artists get support from In Focus by Spotify?

When you first access In Focus by Spotify, the site is divided into categories so you can go as deep as you want. whether you want to create music, promote yourself, connect with fans, generate income or learn and find inspiration.

Image credit: Spotify

The tips will primarily inspire you to use Spotify’s features, such as creating a Canvas or using Marquee, but artists can also inspire their careers in a broader sense.

So until you find a manager yourself, or if you want to be your own DIY artist manager, you can explore Spotify in Focus here.

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