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TipRanks is the only platform that gives you access to publicly traded company website trends for the unreported quarter.

Institutional investors, such as hedge fund managers, benefit from access to information that the average investor can only dream of. Massive budgets buy them proprietary data that shows how companies are performing, without having to wait for earnings reports. A striking example of the type of data they use is identifying changing trends in online consumer behavior. In other words, they use the data to determine whether website traffic to listed companies is increasing or decreasing.

Imagine if you could find out if a business was experiencing an upward trend in website visits. This could indicate that a solid report is about to be announced. On the other hand, if you learned that there was a drop in website visits, you could predict the opposite. And while the growth in online usage is no guarantee of overselling, this data is another example of how institutional investors enjoy an unfair advantage.

TipRanks levels the playing field by making website trending data accessible to all investors. We’ve partnered with Semrush, which generates the most accurate estimate of website traffic, to give you the same search power as the biggest asset managers. TipRanks is the only platform that provides this data to retail investors. Plus, it’s free !

With earnings season kicking off, here’s how you can implement website traffic data into your investing strategy.

Potential to outsmart the market

It is worth understanding the potential of this data. Here are two recent examples of website trends correlating to revenue.

In Q4 2021, estimated visits to the Sofi (NASDAQ: SOFI) website increased more than 60%, quarter over quarter. On March 1, 2022, the company released its earnings report for that quarter. The company beat analysts’ forecasts. The following day, SOFI stock ended the day with a gain of 3.4%.

In contrast, in the third quarter of 2021, traffic to Robinhood (NASDAQ: HOOD) was down more than 40.72% quarter over quarter. On January 27, the company missed its earnings forecast and the stock plunged 12% during after-hours trading. However, the decline was short-lived and unlike its previous two reports which also missed the forecast, the next day the stock was up more than 9%.

Want to learn more about the potential correlation between website visits and revenue? Read our Coinbase case study.

How to incorporate website visits into your search

To access this data, you must start by researching a stock. Enter the stock name or ticker in the search bar on TipRanks, and you will be taken to the Stock Forecast page for that stock. Look at the column menu on the left side of the page and click on Website Traffic.

Website Traffic Trends

You will be redirected to a dedicated page where you can research website traffic trends. The tool lets you select one or more domains, compare traffic over different time periods, and differentiate between total visits and estimated visitors, among its filter options.

For some websites, the volume of visits is more likely to be relevant. An example of this are social media platforms such as Pinterest and Coinbase.

For others, the number of unique visitors is more likely to impact revenue. One example is travel industry companies such as airlines, where most people don’t make day-to-day purchases.

You can view quarterly or monthly results (turquoise line), compare them to the same period last year (grey line), as well as see the stock price (orange line). Hover over the chart to view relevant statistics.

It is worth paying attention to the undeclared period.

Below the chart, you’ll see an overview of statistics for the unreported period, including when the next earnings report is due.

Growth overview

Scroll down to see how the business areas have grown since the same time last year or the previous quarter, simply and visually defined. You can compare it to the same period last year, or to the previous period. You have the same filtering options as in the table above.

In this case, prior to the release of Sofi’s results on May 10, we see that globally, the total number of estimated visits to the domain across all devices, compared to the prior period, is :

Monthly growth (March 2022 vs. February 2022) up 4.56%

Growth since the beginning of the quarter (Q1 2022 compared to Q4 2021), up 140.24%

Year-to-date growth (YTD 2022 vs. YTD 2021), increased by 902.5%

It should be remembered that many factors contribute to the price of a stock following an earnings report, and website traffic is just one of them. Other factors include management’s outlook, a dividend policy announcement or a change in growth estimates.

Website traffic trends are also just part of your stock research on TipRanks, where you can easily access analyst forecasts, insider and hedge fund trading, stock analysis , etc.

Now try it!

With the start of earnings season, it’s a great time to research website trends. Use our earnings calendar to see which companies are due to release reports, along with key data, before they are released.

Research website trends now!

Tesla (reports April 20)

Spotify (reports April 27)

Amazon (reports April 28)


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