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In February, Microsoft launched Smart Pages, a free website-building service to help small businesses that might not have websites. This was critical during the pandemic as more businesses essentially needed to be online. However, many SMBs don’t have the know-how or the funds to commission a whole new website. Based on customer feedback, Microsoft this week announced new features for the Smart Pages service.

Publish a Smart Pages website with no social and advertising tools required. “With Smart Pages standalone mode, you can create, edit and publish your website for free – no payment information required. We know that not every business on the web is ready to advertise online and wants to give everyone with access to smart pages,” wrote Will Rivitz, program manager, and Cristiano Ventura Sr. Product Marketing Manager. If business owners choose to participate in Microsoft Advertising in the future, they can easily enroll when they are ready.

New analysis features to determine what’s working (and what needs to be changed). The new Smart Pages reporting feature allows marketers to track page views, clicks, and more within the platform. “By tracking these metrics over time, you’ll see how the improvements and changes you make affect your customers’ experiences,” Rivitz and Ventura said.

Source: Microsoft Blog

Bing Place integration for local businesses. Marketers will be able to create a new Smart Pages website directly from their Bing Places account and integrate both properties. “Customers who view your business on Bing Places will be able to go directly to your smart page, where you can view even more information,” according to the announcement.

Why we care. Many small businesses operate without a website, using Facebook pages and local listings as a “hub” for customers, but having your own property is key to controlling your messaging, optimizing to reach your target audience, and driving more critical traffic and potential customers. . These updates open up the Microsoft Smart Pages website builder to help even more SMBs build a proprietary online presence and optimize it to attract more leads and qualified customers.

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