NCP VS GovNet Connector VPN Software Solution Receives BSI Approval


NCP (NCP Engineering, Inc.), a globally recognized specialist in fully automated and secure data communication, has announced the release of version 2.0 of the NCP VS GovNet connector.

This powerful software solution is approved by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in Germany for processing data classified as official use only (VS-NfD), RESTREINT UE / EU RESTRICTED and NATO RESTRICTED.

NCP VS GovNet 2.0 connector

NCP VS GovNet Connector 2.0 provides a secure link between workstations processing sensitive data and remote systems. Users benefit from the wide range of features, which offer an advanced level of security, but are still easy to use. NCP implemented a new integrity service in version 2.0, in order to meet the strict requirements of BSI approval.

NCP VS GovNet Connector 2.0 is a pure software solution that can be easily deployed to workstations using standard tools and uses advanced encryption algorithms. The software is designed for use in government offices, public authorities, and businesses that need to handle classified or confidential data securely. It is used to securely process and transmit data classified as official use only (VS-NfD or equivalent).

NCP Secure Business Management (SEM)

Software client guarantees ease of use without requiring additional hardware

The software client guarantees ease of use without requiring additional hardware. Organizations can conveniently deploy, provision, update, and manage customers through NCP Secure Enterprise Management (SEM), as a single point of administration. NCP offers flexible licensing models, such as “pay-per-use” to cover individual customer needs.

We are pleased that NCP VS GovNet Connector 2.0 has been officially approved by BSI for handling sensitive data classified as official use only (VS-NfD), RESTREINT UE / EU RESTRICTED and NATO RESTRICTED. We have developed our product exclusively in Germany and we use the most advanced encryption algorithms, ensuring maximum security for sensitive data without compromising ease of use,NCP CEO Patrick Oliver Graf said while promoting the added value of NCP’s VS GovNet connector.

Suitable for processing sensitive data

Patrick adds: “With high scalability and flexible licensing models, we are in an ideal position to meet the individual needs of our customers. Throughout the development process, we have focused on developing a practical solution suitable for handling sensitive data in different organizations.

NCP introduced a new integrity service in version 2.0, which improves the security of NCP VS GovNet Connector. The VPN client now tests security-related functions on startup and periodically during operation, including verifying the authenticity and integrity of the VPN software and verifying that cryptographic algorithms and number generators are working properly random. If these tests fail, the VPN client secures the workstation and blocks all further communication.

Meets all safety standards

NCP VS GovNet Connector 2.0 meets all security standards required by BSI while remaining easy to use for end users. It is installed on devices with a standard Windows 10 operating system. After successful authentication, users can access all applications and resources in the central data network via LAN, Wi-Fi or mobile data via Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The client offers a maximum level of security and includes advanced features such as biometric authentication, VPN Path Finder technology and quality of service.

Biometric authentication required

NCP VS GovNet Connector 2.0 provides biometric authentication before establishing VPN connection

In addition to supporting certificates or smart cards in a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), NCP VS GovNet Connector 2.0 provides biometric authentication, before the VPN connection is established, for example via fingerprint or facial recognition.

The authentication process begins when users click connect in the connector UI, but the connection is not initiated until biometric authentication is successfully completed. If the device does not have any hardware for biometric authentication or if it is not enabled, the user can also enter a password.

Patented VPN Path Finder Technology

NCP’s patented VPN Path Finder technology also allows remote access even behind firewalls, which block IPsec traffic by switching to a modified IPsec protocol mode that uses the HTTPS port to establish a VPN tunnel. This offers the same security features as IPsec, which means that the VPN Path Finder protocol does not need to be re-evaluated for security reasons.

The main advantage of VPN Path Finder technology is that the administrator can reliably implement a security policy throughout the organization. During this time, users continue to benefit from the same functionality and authentication methods as IPsec.

Quality of service

QoS features reserve bandwidth for configured applications such as VoIP. Outgoing data from selected data sources on the end device can be prioritized in the VPN tunnel. For the user, this means stable VoIP communication through the VPN tunnel, even with high data volumes.

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