Saturday, June 25 2022

Photo courtesy of StreetEasy

A New York-based real estate website is looking to highlight how it can help New Yorkers navigate today’s real estate market with a new ad campaign. recently released their new “Win the Real Estate Game” ad campaign this month. This is the seventh advertising campaign since the company’s advertising debut in 2015.

The new advertising campaign was produced in partnership with the creative agency Preacher. Ads feature advice that can be searched through Streeteasy, such as “Sell your condo faster than you can tell” multiple offers rather than asking. // Team up with a StreetEasy Expert™. List your home at the right price. and “Apply to the co-op with people who apply to co-ops to earn a living. // Shop with a StreetEasy Expert™. Create a remarkable application. »

Photo courtesy of StreetEasy

The ads focus on what New Yorkers are looking for on the StreetEasy website, including most wanted amenities. The campaign also highlights the StreetEasy valuation tool, which is available to New Yorkers to calculate the current market value of their property.

The advertisements can be seen throughout the city on billboards and wallscapes, as well as on streets, sidewalks, buses, taxis and subway cars. Ads are also online and on social media.

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Photo courtesy of StreetEasy


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