Friday, May 27 2022

Primark, the home fashion retailer, has launched a new website, but it does not yet offer customers the option to shop online.

The new service will allow UK shoppers to browse stock and check availability before heading to any of its 191 stores, the company said.

Primark said it would “better connect the journey between online search and in-store purchase”.

He staunchly refused to launch a delivery operation despite acknowledging the growing role online plays in the digital age.

Primark lost billions in revenue during the worst of the pandemic restrictions, but strong pent-up demand as it reopened helped recoup the losses

The retailer paid a heavy price for this position when COVID lockdowns forced the closure of its stores in the UK and 13 other markets.

However, pent-up demand helped it recoup some of those losses when restrictions were eased.

Its latest trade update showed UK sales for the 16 weeks to January 8 were ahead of the same period last year, but still 10% behind beforepandemic levels.

At the same time, owner Associated British Foods said it was elimination of 400 management positions to help manage costs across its UK store base.

Primark said its new website will soon be rolled out in every territory in which it operates.

He said the site’s product pages will feature more information and better images, while shoppers will also have access to improved search features and product filtering, such as by size and color.

Primark Chief Executive Paul Marchant said: “We know our customers love the shopping experience with Primark and the surprises they receive when they walk into our stores – that’s what makes Primark special. .

“However, we know they also want to browse the latest collections online and be able to check availability, which our new website makes possible for the first time.

“This new website and new features mark a significant step forward for our business and represent a shift in the role of digital at Primark.

“The new site also gives us a great opportunity to reach a whole new set of customers, allowing us to showcase the wide range of products we offer as they browse online to entice them to visit our stores.”


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Primark UK website: can you shop online and click and collect orders on the new site? What is different ?

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