SHIFT72 protects high-value content against geo-hacking with GeoGuard VPN and proxy detection


GeoComply Solutions Inc. announced that MAJ72, whose video streaming platform is the first choice of film festivals, theaters and film distributors around the world, has integrated the award-winning GeoGuard VPN and proxy detection solution to better protect large-scale content. value of its clients territorially restricted against geolocation fraud and geolocation. -piracy.

GeoGuard is approved by Hollywood studios and tested by third parties to be 99.6% effective in detecting the most popular VPNs. Recent significant improvements to GeoGuard include the ability to detect even the most sophisticated impersonation methods such as hijacked residential IP addresses, Proxy-Over-VPN attacks, and the use of IPv6 addresses to mask the actual location of a spectator.

“The worst time piracy can happen is when content is at the pre-release or first-release stage, which exactly describes our customer base,” says Simon Crutchley, vice president of content and acquisitions at SHIFT72. “The rapid acceleration of premium video on demand, and the massive interest in film festivals that have been forced online, have resulted in increased security requirements for rights holders. We chose GeoGuard because it is the industry standard for VPN and proxy detection and ensures that our customers’ content is protected against territorial leaks and geolocation fraud.

“SHIFT72’s focus on early delivery, super premium content makes it imperative that they use the industry’s best solutions in their content protection technology stack,” said James Clark, Director of Global Sales at GeoComply. “SHIFT72 customers expect the highest level of geo-restriction compliance and by deploying GeoGuard, media rights holders can trust SHIFT72 to meet their stringent content protection requirements. ”

GeoGuard is used by top video streaming platforms, OTT broadcasters and sports leagues around the world to protect against geo hacking and geolocation fraud caused by using VPN and DNS proxy to bypass geo-restrictions on the content. Our award-winning solution is pre-integrated with major content delivery networks (CDNs), including Akamai and Amazon CloudFront, allowing customers to simply enable VPN and proxy discovery. GeoGuard is updated several times a day, ensuring the lowest rate of false positives and false negatives.

The use of VPN and DNS proxy to spoof a user’s location in order to access geographically restricted content is on the increase. In fact, 37% of all internet users use VPNs, mostly to access restricted content, according to a survey by the Global Web Index.

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