Friday, May 27 2022

As Linfield FC prepare for today’s 38th and final Premiership game in a fiercely competitive and demanding league season, appreciation is extended to all the many loyal supporters who have followed the club throughout a long, exciting and dramatic season.

Fans have been greatly missed during the dark period of lockdown and the ‘behind closed doors’ and ‘limited numbers’ period that followed and it’s great to have returned to normalcy without any Covid-related crowd restrictions in recent month.

Many of our members and season ticket holders are expected to be in attendance for today’s highly anticipated game and ticket sales for the South and Kop stands have been very encouraging over the past week.

Fans will hopefully enjoy the game and the occasion and will want to return for the next highly anticipated European and domestic campaign.

Excitement is building ahead of today’s game and with much at stake in today’s game, the players and management are focused on trying to secure a win in what is sure to be a tough and challenging game. challenging against formidable opponents.

David Healy’s staff and players have performed extremely well in their 37 league games to date and everyone at the club sends their best wishes to the players as they strive for a vital victory in the final game championship today.

The club were delighted with the response to various social media initiatives to secure much sought after match tickets for the ‘hottest seats in town’ today and the club also arranged for makeup artists and d a band of steel, to add to the atmosphere at what is sure to be a momentous and hopefully successful occasion today.

Linfield FC encourages all supporters to avoid frustrating queues and delays by arriving in time to be in place to welcome Linfield players onto the pitch for today’s all-important Premiership decider.

Unfortunately, as our many dedicated fans are aware, the Club has faced punitive and intrusive penalties this season due to repeated incidents including the launching of missiles, offensive chanting and the improper and dangerous use of smoke bombs. , flares / pyrotechnics.

We know that such actions are carried out by individuals who have little regard for the welfare of Linfield FC, but we ask you, our loyal supporters, to assist and co-operate with the stewarding staff at all times to ensure that ‘there is no repetition of such events.

Our team has excelled this season, so let’s support them with Linfield songs from the start and not those unrelated to our Club. Your positive support is truly appreciated.

Let’s all support the team in the right way today and hopefully inspire the players to achieve the result we all want in this final league game.

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