Singapore police warn of scam targeting Steam gaming service users


SINGAPORE: Scam targets users of the Steam game service, victims making payment to unlock their accounts, Singapore police reported on Sunday (May 9th).

Steam is a digital distribution platform on which gamers and developers can buy and sell video games.

Scammers use compromised Steam accounts to approach potential victims. They allegedly claim to have accidentally reported the victim’s account for fraud while trying to report another Steam user.

Under the pretext of rectifying the illicit report, the crooks would ask victims to contact a specific user who was allegedly a Steam administrator, to verify and unblock their accounts.

The bogus administrator would then require victims to log out of their Steam accounts and provide their login information, including their one-time password (OTP), to verify their account, police said.

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Victims would then be required to make gaming-related transactions or purchases on third-party websites as part of the verification review.

In some cases, victims were asked to purchase Steam Cards and hand over the redemption code to the fake admin to unlock their accounts. The administrator claimed victims would receive a refund once their accounts were verified.

“The victims later realized that they had been scammed when they discovered that they were subsequently unable to log into their Steam accounts and that no refund was received,” said the police.

Members of the public are advised to never disclose their login and OTP credentials to anyone, including family and friends, police said.

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They are advised to always verify the authenticity of information received from official sources. People should also report any fraudulent credit or debit card charges to their banks and cancel their card immediately.

Anyone who has doubts or has information relating to such crimes can call the police hotline on 1800 255 0000 or submit them online at

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