Turn your laptop into a secure learning and productivity center with this 3-piece deal


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TL; DR: Work smarter and not more with the Mobile Pixels Duex Lite and a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited and StackSkills, all for just $ 337 as of October 13, a savings of 83%.

Your laptop is already doing a lot for you. It’s basically a one-stop-shop for work and entertainment, but there’s actually a lot more where it’s coming from. With this three-part offering, you can turn your laptop into a secure learning and productivity center in addition to its existing uses. And it will only cost you a small price.

This bundle gives you lifetime access to VPN Unlimited, one of the most trusted and rated VPNs on the market, as well as StackSkills, an online learning platform with endless courses to choose from. .

We’ve discussed VPN Unlimited and its many accolades time and time again – because it really is this Well. It lets you choose from over 400 secure servers in over 80 different locations around the world to hide your identity on the web. With 256-bit encryption, you essentially become invisible no matter if you’re streaming Netflix, accessing banking information, or doing something you shouldn’t be doing (we won’t say it).

We’re just as excited about StackSkills. From coding and blockchain to digital marketing and self-improvement, the online learning center offers immediate access to over 1,000 courses to help you hone your skills on a variety of topics. Plus, new courses are constantly being added every month, which means you can learn something new every day, forever.

These are just two pieces of the puzzle, of course. With this three-part offer, you will also get the Mobile Pixels Duex Lite, a portable dual-screen laptop monitor. At 12.5 inches, with Full HD 1080p resolution, the Duex Lite is as good as buying a second monitor. But it also happens to be incredibly portable, connects to your laptop via magnets, and even reduces harmful blue light when you’re working, streaming, or gaming. It’s virtually guaranteed to make you more productive at home or on the go.

This three-piece set is valued at over $ 2,000 – and it’s not hard to see why. But you can get the dual-screen laptop monitor, plus a lifetime VPN Unlimited and StackSkills subscription for just $ 337 for a limited time, and turn your laptop into a secure learning and productivity center.

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