What is a GPN and how is it different from a VPN: the perfect software for avid gamers fleeing latency issues


“VPN” and “GPN” are two identical ideas and phrases: in all circumstances we are talking about safe community connection products and services. However, their use and functionality vary, so it is handy to know how to distinguish them from each (and each of the internet proxies).

VPNs (Digital Personal Community) are undoubtedly much more popular, and you could certainly have used at least one day: they are servers that allow us to direct all visitors to our site online and tunnel them (encrypt it and fight against its interception).

Even though its most obvious software is to use it to avoid surveillance of our communications – both through cybercriminals or through the government – many customers are also turning to VPNs for bypass the geographic boundaries of many online products and services, because they give the impression that we do not attach from the rustic the place where the server in question resides.

When the enemy is latency

On the other hand, the GPN business could be quite different; his identity (Avid gamers Personal Community) already offers clues about him: connect to a We can no longer anonymize or encrypt our connection, while giving sufficient priority to the velocity between our router and the online game server. online which we have access to right now.

In fact, some GPN services and products they mechanically discover which online game we are participating in and so they continue to run it mechanically (and prioritize it over different programs that might work recently).

And what does that mean? Really easy: reduce connection latency in addition to ping, which can prevent you from losing packets… and could have an effect on the enjoyment of the game; and this can be essential throughout the sport, in terms of improving the response speed of our “avatar”.

This, rushing the relationship, is the main function of using a GPN. Even if, when it comes to the VPN, there is no other additional service than each percentage: to connect from a GPN, it is imaginable access video games or DLC that do not seem to exist in our country (or worse, we never expect them to be).

Despite this separation between VPNs and GPNs, it is not uncommon for VPN software providers to deliver GPN services and products so intelligently, integrating them over and over again into a similar application. Again, some of the services and products intended only for gamers, programs like KillPing stand out ($ 1.6 per 30 days) o WTFast ($ 9.99)

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